The Lone Star Road

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Day 6: 1st Annual Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop September 13, 2011

Day 6 were Quilt Shops on our way home that were open on Sunday. Horray for Sunday hours! Our first stop of the day was Creations in Kerrville. I am officially sold on this shop as a Quilt Retreat place. They have a Quilt Retreat location next door and this shop has EVERYTHING you need for a retreat! The pictures that I took are of 1/4 of the store. There is so much to see and so many fabrics at your fingertips! The town is in the middle of the Hill Country in Texas and oddly reminds me of a ski town that you would find in Alaska. There is something cozy and comforting about this town and I have already told my husband this is a real possiblity for a retirement town in 30 years. :0)

This store is a must! You just have to visit this shop whether you do it on the Shop Hop or not! It is like Heaven!

I am completely in love with these aprons and I could not have found the pattern without help. I cannot wait to make them!


1013 Main St

Kerrville, Texas 78028


Our second stop was Pocketful of Poseys in Fredricksburg. Again, this town is perfect for a retreat! This is a cute German town with a couple of bakerys, several bed and breakfasts, several resturants, and of course at least two quilt shops! The two bed and breakfast places that we jotted down were Main Street Bed and Breakfast and das Garden Haus.

Pocketful of Poseys had a wonderful Christmas selection of fabrics and a huge work space! The ladies were so sweet to chat with and they made sure that we were taken care of. They are also giving away a beautiful quilt (sorry, no picture) and they have the gift basket for their region to just tempt you to complete all of Region 7. This shop has to be on your list!

Take some time to explore the town too, there are so many cute shops to shop at!

I bought this panel at another shop and the ladies were sweet enough to let me take a picture of what they did with it. I love it!

Pocketful of Poseys

311 E Highway St

Fredricksburg, TX 78624