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Kings Mountain National Memorial Park August 14, 2012

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Brooks and I made a stop at Kings Mountain to see the place that turned the tide in favor of the Americans in the Revolutionary War. What is also special for us is that one of Brooks’ ancestors fought and survived this battle when he was just 14 years old. The reason this was a pivotal battle was that it kept the British from controlling the South and it sent fear into the Tories from supporting the British for the remainder of the War. There is a beautiful museum built on the property and the movie about the battle was excellent! It is a little hard to find if you try to come into town any other way than I-85 so I would recommend using I-85 because there are signs that direct you right into the park.

After exploring the museum and watching the movie, we walked the Battlefield Trail which is a pretty hard hike so follow the recommendations on bringing water and not walking it if you have a heart condition. We were thinking that we would blast through a mile and a half hike, but even at a good pace, the steep hills slowed us down and it took us at least 45 minutes to get through it. I tell you what, I think the fact that we had mountain men used to the hills helped us ALOT in victory!

It is a neat walk. You end up at the very top of the mountain where the first memorial is. There are very old headstones that show where Americans fell and of course where Col. Fergosen died.


The Grove Arcade

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This was one of the neatest places to visit in Asheville. It is a mall that was built in the 1920s. It is just beautiful! Currently there are mainly retailers on the first floor with just a few on the second. There is a whole third floor that is not being used!! I am just sure if you can see, but there are circular staircases throughout the mall and there is a picture of one on the right side of this photograph in the far back. Just gorgeous! If you are in Asheville, you have to go here!


Carter Mountain Orchard

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Carter Mountain Orchard is such a neat place to visit. Besides the beautiful of the Blue Ridge Mountains, they sell in season produce that they grow and homemade frozen yogurt. We visited during peach season and noticed that not only can you buy the donut peaches here, but you can buy donut peach cider. Donut peaches are huge in Charlottesville, VA. You can buy them just about anywhere. I should have gotten a picture, but they are donut shaped with the core in the middle.

Additionally, Carter Mountain Orchard is a winery that sells fruity and sweet wines. I am absolutely in love with their Sweet White Table Wine! It is so good!


Michie Tavern

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Michie Tavern is one of loves in Charlottesville, VA. The Tavern was built 190 years ago and the food that they serve is original to food preparation in America in the late 1700s.

They are only open for lunch and it is a buffet, so come hungry! Also, this authentic meal does not come cheap at $17/person. But, it is a neat experience and food is great!


James Madison’s Montpelier

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Brooks and I went on a tour of the Presidential houses near Charlottesville, VA and James Madison’s was only 30 minutes from our hotel. It is an interesting tour of how Montpelier changed from a single family house, to a duplex to house Madison’s parents and Madison’s family, to the current format of a combined house with room to host international and important guests of the United States. There were several times that Madison’s office at Montpelier was the very room that Washington D.C. business ran out of for months at a time. They literally moved operations to Montpelier. This necessitated a formal sitting room for guests that was designed by the same architect that Thomas Jefferson used for Monticello. What is neat is that some of the groundbreaking designs for retaining rain water that Thomas Jefferson used, were used at Montpelier.

Montiplier has only just been restored and has been open for visitors since 2008. Since James and Dolly Madison did not have children together it has been difficult to locate their personal items for the house. It is also possible that they lost a lot of their items when the White House was burned in 1812. If you know if any connections of furniture or items to the Madison’s and the party would be willing to donate them to the house, please let the foundation know. For now, they have filled the house with time period specific pieces.

I took a picture of the roof, because I thought that it was interesting that the shingles were made of wood back then. Neat detail that makes sense.


James Monroe’s Ash Lawn Estate

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James Monroe was a simple man that lived in a simple house. He had lots of land and it was on this land that the University of Virginia was built. He had the tough job of reconstructing Washington D.C. after the War of 1812 that burnt the city down. Therefore, a lot of his personal items were donated.

Some interesting details regarding his property were that he had an ice house to make ice and ice cream. Mrs. Monroe’s favorite flavor of ice cream was oyster. Weird! Ash Lawn was a self-sustaining farm that made their candles, medicine, fabric, clothes, food, etc. In the house is a chair that was once a part of a set that Monroe bought for the White House. What is neat about these chairs is that they were bought from a government “estate sale” at a deeply discounted price. Although people make fun of that, I wish we used our money better in Washington today instead of throwing it around. Monroe had to buy furniture for the White House and he bought nice pieces at a great price. Go President James Monroe!

Because of Brooks’ aspirations in life, we had to get the Presidential pose! 🙂


Bertucci’s… My Love!

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Growing up in Connecticut, I loved Bertucci’s! Ahhhh… brick oven pizza! I was driving along in Virginia and came upon my favorite restaurant and of course we had to eat there! This is a picture of Brooks and my favorite pizza called the Silano. It has Sweet Italian Sausage, Ricotta cheese, Mozzarella, and Bertucci’s wonderful bread and tomato sauce. I want to eat there right now just looking at it!